Interviewed On The New Mediology Podcast

tnmlogoHosts of The New Mediology podcast, Bill Seaver and Nathan Moore, interviewed me about the impact of social news sharing sites in a public relations / marketing world. Episode 22 is posted on their site now and (of course I shamelessly) encourage everyone to check it out.

Without robbing the answers I gave to Bill and Nathan, I will say that social news sharing sites like digg, reddit, mixx and Stumble Upon are all very crucial to the media ecosystem that includes hard hitting journalism, marketing, advertising, public relations and everything else in between. What’s more important is newer news sharing communities are hungry for their own active users, and often welcome them with open arms, (Tipd is a great example).  If you aren’t seeing a benefit from being a part of these news sharing communities, then you haven’t spent enough time with them.

I’m curious as to what others think of my opinion, so if you have some time venture over to The New Mediology site to listen.

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