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August 18, 2008

About twice a year my muddled schedule will work out seamlessly with the travel plans of Outer Limits Comics’ owner, thus allowing me to pick up a day of “hard” labor behind the counter at the shop. One of these days is almost certainly always Free Comic Book Day in early May, which is always eventful. This past FCBD I was fortunate enough to meet creator of The Dreamland Chronicles Scott Christian Sava, who recently relocated his Blue Dream Studios/IDW Imprint to the area. I say fortunate because he graciously alerted me to the controversy surrounding Alternate Comics #2, a free book we were offering that got a Georgia retailer arrested and tied up in court for three years because it contained nude shots of Picasso (Why? I do not know, but I’m happy to not be prosecuted.) The second time happens to be today yesterday.

Also in potentially bad news, the Dragon Con media relations crew has decided that is not a web site worthy of free media/press passes. Despite having two-thirds of a million page views per day, we aren’t big enough to qualify as a news organization that could provide enough pre-con coverage to benefit the event. It’s a real shame because GeeksofDoom Editor Dave3 and I had talked extensively about several feature related pieces for D-con. I had already done a few interviews with long-time attendees, I had begun Convention guides, and much more. I still plan on doing most of this coverage but since I must now fork over $100+ for convention passes, my priorities have shifted to paying gigs at the moment.

Basically the Dragon Convention coverage just went from excellent to pretty good.