My Fallen Griffin Case (7/11/08 – 3/6/2010)

At the conclusion of this year’s Podcamp Nashville, a tragic accident occurred. The Griffin protective shield that covered my iPhone cracked as a result of me clumsily letting the phone slip out of my pocket. When I saw what had happen, it felt like the skin had been ripped from one of my limbs.

After the initial shock, I sought out Griffin’s head of social media Dave Delaney who consoled me with several seconds of heart felt words like “Dude that’s one of the early ones” while sipping tasty Yazoo beer and (probably) holding back tears.

My Griffin Wave case had been with me since the very beginning — a year and 8 months to be more precise. On a daily basis it went to war with a ruthless bitch named gravity where it battled hard surfaces that showed no mercy. Now that it’s fallen, I felt I was ready to give it the proper send off…

Please listen to this beautiful excerpt and hold your own Griffin cases tight. They’re all just 9.81m/sec² plus a floor away from certain destruction.

2 Responses to My Fallen Griffin Case (7/11/08 – 3/6/2010)

  1. Erin Cubert says:

    Gravity is certainly a ruthless bitch. I’m sorry for your loss, Tom.

  2. Dave Delaney says:

    So tragic man! We’ll get you fixed back up in a jiffy!


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