Paying Local News Sites? –

March 29, 2009

natenews-logoOver at, Nathan Baker is asking the Nashville’s Technorati for feedback on why they don’t financially support their local news bloggers. He runs down a personal list of sites that should be paid since they fulfill the role of news gatherers. [Yes, I am on that list and he’d be at the top of mine. Since we’re both slummin’ it, we’re trading links instead.]


I’ve been immersed in Nashville’s tech scene for a year, and I already know it’s obviously vibrant, talented and welcoming. Nashville’s tech mass is big enough to be dangerous and small enough to be more efficient than larger cities. Therefore we have the unique advantage of creating the innovative tech culture we desire, faster than anyone expected. On the top of my Utopia Nashville list: We should value local online content by supporting a few blogs financially.

I’m sort of interested to hear what others have to say about supporting the people who produce the local news essentially free of charge (*ahem*nashvillest*ahem*).