The Journolution Subreddit

July 19, 2009

9031384dc15c4afaab2a2d429fcbcaac.0A subreddit is a specific category of links about a general topic within the social link sharing site At its core, reddit has the same exact purpose as the much more popular competitor digg, except the news tends to flow a bit more freely and allows for the most active members of several communities to dictate what gets shared.

After about seven months as a user of reddit, I’ve found it far superior to other news sharing sites because of the point listed above. After four months, I decided to create my own community within the community that would support the efforts of the journalistic revolution brought on by the current wave of social technology. I called it Journolution (yes, a bit corny but then again, most things start off that way.)

So if you’d like to share a link about tech in relation to journalism, please subscribe and join the discussion.