Kl.am – The Short URL Site For Social Media Link Campaigns

April 23, 2009

raven-bigKl.am is the URL shortening site created by Raven, the SEO and social media campaign tracking application portion of Sitening. But, unlike Nashville’s premier short url site URLzen, the Raven team has provided several bells and whistles that give Kl.am its own unique edge.

Kl.am offers users the ability to not only customize their short urls, but track them at the same time. Yet, the most notable difference between kl.am and other sites like it is the information gathered from an individual’s user account. The site will archive and track each link you Kompress, and then goes a step further by allowing users to sort their short urls by either keyword or domain name — thus giving people the ability to run mini campaigns for what they send out over the day.


If you use your Twitter account to pull in a significant portion of your traffic, this can especially be helpful in determining what information your audiences responds to verses what they do not. Kl.am even lets you see a time frame for when people clicked the link. This is an essential tool for anyone using social media at work. Screen shot below…

klam-1[Check back soon for an in-depth look at kl.am courtesy of Sitening’s Alison Groves.]