Sprucing Up The Site For 2010

December 30, 2009

You probably noticed that I’ve made some slight tweaks to this web site — most notably, removing the language about being Nashville’s tech beat reporter. I’ve also removed the mention of “Linklove” — my ill-fated project to help strengthen local journalism — and replaced it with a link to David Cohn’s far more effective project, Spot.us. [I encourage everyone to check out what he’s doing and drop the project a few bucks if you’ve ever found the articles on this site useful or entertaining.]

I’ll admit it. I’ve neglected my blog since (by my mental estimates) July of this year and in doing so, abandoned the coverage of Nashville’s technology community. I have perfect explanations for doing so, too.

First of all, most of July was spent preparing for the epic journey to San Diego where I covered the year’s largest annual Comic-Con as a reporter for Geeks of Doom. The second reason is because of an insightful conversation I had with Marcus Whitney about how our beloved city really isn’t big enough to gain traction that would merit coverage of technology. That doesn’t mean it never will, but for now I’m choosing to refocus my time elsewhere. Entirely where exactly that time will be spent, I can’t talk about just yet — but soon.

During the last few months I’ve certainly had my hands full writing for Geeks of Doom, Social Media Rage, The Drill Down and a handful of other publications on the web and in print. I’ve also guest hosted a slew of awesome podcast shows (Cinegeek’s Culturesmash, Social Blade and Social-Blend). In fact, this year has been so jam-packed with great stuff that I have to write an entire post about it after I publish this one.

The point is, I’ve been keeping busy and that won’t change at all in the next year. I purchased geekjournalist.com a while back and may end up revamping my site under this domain (or redirecting it to this site for the purpose of inflating my ego to epic proportions). Probably a custom CSS is on the books as well even if I don’t switch the domain.

Either way, I’m determined make things happen in 2010 — with the exception of writing lame blog posts about my blog posts. That will not happen in 2010, I assure you.