How I’d Redesign: Williamson Herald & Nashville City Paper

December 12, 2008

Here are a few ideas I played with long ago and never let see the light of day. The first is a redesign of the Williamson Herald web site, which is the Williamson County based publication I was previously employed at (and still occasionally do freelance for.) Since the web was never an integral part of their business model, I didn’t really catch too much flack for my drastic redesign.

Current site:


Herald Redesigned:


The second design is my take on a clean up of The City Paper, which does stellar journalism when I can find it in print. It’s harder to find now that they’ve scaled back to two editions a week and increased their online presence. I did this design a month after they officially announced their new strategy. It was purely inspired work — and in case your wondering, yes I am a geek of revamping newspaper sites.

City Paper Redesigned: