‘Mr Tech Nashville’ Dave Delaney Gets Interviewed By RRW’s Jolie ODell

2009-0509-Dave-rrwIf you missed out on the Nashville RoadTwip stop because you didn’t know it was happening or what it was about, don’t feel bad, Dave Delaney spread word of Nashville’s digital community in an interview with  ReadWriteWeb’s Jolie ODell.

The Roadtwip consists of Jolie and two other tech geeks (Kurt Daradics and Jonathan Dingman) who decided to “take two weeks to travel around half the country, go to a conference in Omaha, & meet up with friends & thought leaders along the way.”

After explaining the nickname “Mr Tech Nashville” given to him by CC Chapman (although I doubt anyone is going to dispute that title), Dave does us proud yet again by talking up BarCamp Nashville and of course the Geek Breakfast. Jolie also interview’s Nashville native Katy Kirby of Remarkable Wit, who gives an excellent 2-minutes history of how Nashville got to where it is now AND gave a shout out to Nashville Geeks! [Hopefully ReadWriteWeb’s Lidija Davis isn’t too far down on the list of future visitors, pending she has a wacky cross-country voyage scheme in place of course.]

Head over to Dave Delaney’s Blog — DaveMadeThat — for both YouTube interviews and a video of the RoadTwip meetup that took place earlier in the week. [But honestly, go check out Dave’s blog even if you are uninterested in the interviews because…well, Dave’s got a pretty great blog.]

One Response to ‘Mr Tech Nashville’ Dave Delaney Gets Interviewed By RRW’s Jolie ODell

  1. Dave Delaney says:

    Thanks a million for the post and link love Tom.
    It was a fun meet up, sorry it was kind of short notice, but I did try: http://bit.ly/P28zk.

    I hope to see you on Wednesday: http://www.pingg.com/rsvp/grj584p77c7y3j3wt


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