Geek Social Moves To The Flying Saucer

no-cylonThe Geek Social, the monthly meetup of tech/science/media minded folks in Nashville, has outgrown the super secret room in the upper portion of Sam’s and as of May 7 will be switching locations to the pool room at the Flying Saucer.

After more than two years in existence, the meetup has proven that there are geeks aplenty in this southern city we call Nashville. And in case you’re wondering what a “Geek Social” is, its pretty much self explanatory. The guys at Firefly Logic started it with no purpose or agenda. They just really wanted to meet others in the community who enjoyed technology and all the wonderful culture it brings. But since the group is so large now, they decided to bring in a job board to help friends find work, and other friends find people to work for them.

And if you’re looking to lay the ground work for a new startup company, keep in mind that Firefly Logic is an official network partner of Microsoft BizSpark , which is a program designed to help accelerate the success of startups by linking them with established companies. So basically Firefly Logic can help up-and-coming companies with services, software, visibility and even offer mentoring in other aspects of running a tech company.

I should also mention that promoters, recruiters and any other unsavory individual who attends will be treated like Cylons and asked to leave the universe.

Official Geek Social site

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