URLzen: Archive of Short URLs Sent Via Twitter


Months ago Jackson Miller, creator of URLzen, sent me a link that allowed me to view a collection of all the links I had shortened through URLzen and then transmitted over micro blogging platform Twitter. I asked him if it was public knowledge, but I was toiling away at something and can’t remember his exact response.

But since he’s about to roll out a slew of new features for the URL shortening service, this trick will soon be small potatoes.

All ur shortyz r belong 2 TChedzen

Anyone can access an archive of past short URLs and sent via twitter by manually typing in the URL path as follows:

http://urlzen.com/twitter/USER_Name [Your Twitter ID]

I’ve run into a few instances where my Twitter ID was case sensitive, so make sure you type your own ID exactly how it’s listed on your profile. For instance, urlzen.com/twitter/tched did not work, but urlzen.com/twitter/TChed was fine.

The URL archive isn’t organized by the date it was shortened, but it’s fairly current. Also, the statistical information is all preserved. I imagine the archive will get some large tweaks in the future, but it’s very functional in its current state.

[EDITORS NOTE: Just to be clear, the archive contains only short URLs that passed through URLzen.com. This redundancy brought to by smart men and women who will ask me about this anyways.]

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