A Facebook, Twitter Collision: As Told By Fishes…

Original Image Credit: mpv-sam.com

Original Image Credit: mpv-sam.com

It happened again. Facebook decided to absolutely change everything very quickly and drastically to “better accommodate” the true intent of the site’s purpose. But if you caught the initial reaction from media bloggers, you heard something like Facebook is copying microblogging platform Twitter.

No, this isn’t grade school and these companies definitely aren’t taking tests.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m not the biggest fan of facebook, however, that doesn’t mean I’m ignorant to how much value it holds. A large chunk of total web traffic to this very blog comes from facebook and it’s by far the best database of personal contacts that I’ve ever used. So when so called “professionals” covering the tech industry start labeling facebook as a wanna-be, copying, poseur; I have to restrain my urge to flame the comment sections.

The real explanations for  facebook’s changes are much more complex and quite intelligent from a development perspective. Silicon Valley Reporter Sarah Lacy wrote a great observation about the coming collision course between the over-valued facebook and over-hyped Twitter — both relative heavyweights in world of  social media.

And while I typically keep all of the content on my personal blog relatively local and news oriented, I’m cheating with this post. For those who don’t know, Lacy is originally a Tennessean — Memphis to be exact.

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