NashMash Asks You To Join The Blog Revolution


Are You Ready For the Nashville Blog Revolution? You might be if you’ve submitted your blog URL for consideration in social networking mashup Nashmash‘s next phase to organize data from Nashville users.

I’ve spoken to the site’s creator Chris Ennis on a few occasions about integrating blogs into Nashmash. Essentially what I gathered from our conversation was the need to find pieces of news in the community that the Nashville Scene, The Tennessean and all four TV broadcast stations omit by virtue of being too large.

A favorable site for the “blog revolution” might be Nashvillest, which does an excellent job of taking a handful of news items and pushing it out to the community to fill in the news gaps via Twitter.  Also, anything that is specifically geared toward producing original local news would likely be a good contender for the revolution. My own site [] is unofficially dedicated to bringing local news about technology but it could just as easily be dedicated to the Nashville rec softball league and still be relevant.

However, simply being a local blogger isn’t the best way to find local news. An example would be Rex Hammock, who produces stellar commentary on technology and a few other subjects. And while some of Rex’s posts are specific to the area, most are not. That doesn’t mean he’s automatically barred from listing his URL. The occasional post that is specific to the local community would be invaluable to any sort of revolution.

So to genuinely prepare for the revolution, do the following: Plug in your URL to Nashmash and then start using tags such as “NashMash” or “LocalNews” to differentiate local content.

One Response to NashMash Asks You To Join The Blog Revolution

  1. Rex Hammock says:

    Thanks for the nice shout out. I use WordPress and long-ago, I created a category called Nashville. So if anyone wants to see or follow (altho I’ve forgotten the specific URL for RSS to follow a specific category) the URL is:

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