PodCamp Nashville: Who Is Speaking?


Unless your radio is  eternally tuned to a local NPR station, a period of disconnect exists for some people to associate audio programs with the preferred medium of intellectuals. Of course, if you scale history back far enough you could see this to be true. When radios were the pinnacle of communication technology there were meaty, intelligent programs being done by paid professionals. The words they spoke would provoke hearty dialog between family members, neighbors, friends and anyone in listening range.

I love podcasts because they provide the same function, only with a much higher potential for interesting conversation because there is no limited range of hearing. Now the entire world can learn, participate and, of course, listen.

Here are a few speaker sessions I’m really looking forward to…

Click the link to jump over to the full post I wrote for PodCamp Nashville 2009. I promise everything I stated in the headline plus more, minus more. More of these to come…podcamp_banner

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