The Drill Up: Guest Hosts on Impromptu The Drill Down Podcast

0204-drilldownAnyone interested in where I look for the best content about technology news may be surprised when I don’t start immediately listing Web sites I frequent. Since it’s so easy to post newsworthy information on a news blog, I’m hesitant to trust more than five or six different sites. Instead I look to Andrew Sorcini, Muhammad Saleem and Reg Saddler, better known as MrBabyMan, Msaleem and Zaibatsu from the world of social media.

Along with Lidija Davis, they do a podcast called The Drill Down to highlight the week’s biggest tech news. Typically they live stream the show on, which allows for other social media geeks like myself to participate via chat room function. It’s not uncommon for them to have guests on, and this past week they did an impromptu The Drill Up version comprised of people who watch the show regularly. (The actual podcast was delayed until the following day.)

JD Rucker a.k.a. 0boy was the guest lead host along with Andy, who would chime in whilst doing some work on the side. Heavy hitters Lt. General Panda and Brainnovate also joined the show via Skype as well as whoever else was up for it. [Shameless plug: I join the conversation at about an hour and a half into the video, which can be viewed here.] For me it was the first time I’d heard many of these people talk about the stories they submit and share on a daily basis.

The active social media users have always been sort of like very intense editors who are charged with submitting only the best content into their publications. And of course, I’m not talking about any extremely active social media user, just the handful of them that are at the top.  But regardless of what your stance is on active users, The Drill Down is definitely worth checking out.

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