CentreSource Mixer: Like Geek Breakfast Plus Beer

cs-mixerInteractive Strategies company Centre{source} ended January with a mixer for the local tech community hosted at their office in downtown Nashville. Solutions Consultant Kurt Strickmaker was kind enough to put me on the invite list for the event, which will happen every forth Thursday of the month.

LogoCentreSIt isn’t the first time Centre{source} has stepped up to bring the community together. Company founder Nicholas Holland dedicated his board room, among other things, for the 2008 BarCamp Nashville planning meetings and was a participant in Nashville Startup Weekend. Its exactly the kind of behavior that no doubt will solidify their place as a Nashville Area Chamber Future 50 company, which they were named in August of 2008.

Also, they give away great schwag.

Thursdays are quickly becoming my most enjoyable day of the week. I suspect the same is true for other tech-savvy folks living in the Nashville area as well if you count both the Firefly Logic organized Geek Social (first Thursday of the month) and a Geek Breakfast at Noshville (every Third Thursday).

centre{source} Web Page
centre{source} Twitter Page

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