Allows You To Bury Abandoned Web Projects

deadyardFrequent Nashville Twitter user and social media voice Nathan Baker recently lamented at the number of domains he had purchase for great Web site ideas. The problem with this, he said (paraphasing), is that the sites were either unfinished, un-updated or otherwise abandoned.

So of course this took the form of yet another Web site idea — deadyard, which collects tweets (twitter messages) about web sites that have otherwise died for one reason or another. Cleverly, Nate anticipated some resistance to the whole Web sites aren’t really alive so they can’t really die criticism so he’s asking others to take the first step: admitting you’ve got a bad idea on your hands.

From deadyard: “Your site is dead. Bury it and find closure. Say a few words to put it in deadyard.”

To gain closure, visit deadyard’s Twitter page and say a few words. Nate got the ball rolling with the first message. (I’m still coping with a few of my losses).

One Response to Allows You To Bury Abandoned Web Projects

  1. Nate Baker says:

    Oh hey! I just saw this. Thanks for the coverage =)

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