NashMash Lists 50 Most Influential Twitter Users in Nashville

Who are Nashville’s most influential Twitter users?nashmash

Community site NashMash, a new mashup consisting of only Nashville residents, has created a list of most influential users based on information from their twitter updates. The site launched a public beta January 1 that features the 50 most influential users, as well as its localized twitter feed, user directory and 50 most active users.

Christian Grantham, Dave Delaney and Mitch Canter top the list as first, second and third, respectively. Mindless  robot NSIDENASHVILLE takes fourth on the list, despite the content scraping practices it performs on its own site (No link love for them, sorry).

A person’s influence is based on many factors including how many replies a user gets from their updates, the number of mentions and who follows them, according to Chris Ennis of 365 Creative, the company who developed NashMash. They recently posted a blog asking the community if it was fair to include users who make their twitter updates private.

I spoke with Ennis prior to the beta’s launch and specifically took issue with the idea that anyone with a locked account could be considered an influencer of the community. Those users can only influence their own community, and cannot participate publicly so I don’t see how they’d be relevant in the first place. However, I do agree with him about letting the community itself dictate the proper response.

If you have a moment, let the NashMash crew top 50 influential list by leaving a comment on their blog.

One Response to NashMash Lists 50 Most Influential Twitter Users in Nashville

  1. antipimp says:

    Very nice! Will be glad when it takes off even more!


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