Too Much Stumble Upon – The Creator

One of several hundred thousand reasons I love the Internet is because it allows me to meet social media friends like K00pa / Pelikoira, a programmer/indy game developer/designer — well, you name it he’s probably dabbled in it. [Real name withheld at his request.]

Since he’s from Finland, I very rarely get a chance to chat with him online. However, I managed to catch him late one night and as always he had some interesting things to share. If you are a StumbleUpon user then it’s highly possible you’ve seen his handiwork.

Have you ever come across the 404 error page that reads “Stumbleupon has been temporarily disabled, because you have used it too much”?  Well that’s his doing. While I don’t use StumbleUpon very much, I swear I’ve seen that message before and now I know where it came from.

If you want the full story, checkout an interview K00pa did with a blogger from the U.K.

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