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As the story goes, it took six days to create the earth and God rested on the seventh. In my recent experience moving to Nashville, I feel I can relate on at least some level except on the sixth night I crashed into a state of slumber. It is entirely possible that I may have underestimated the length of this moving process by about two weeks. But with that said I’m all finished and I am happy to announce my return to digital life.

Bar Not Required

Last week I met with the folks who are planning Nashville Barcamp 2 and sat in on the regular meeting. I’ll admit I’m not very familiar with the whole “unconference” event (or is it non event). When I first began searching for Nashville groups on twitter I disregarded BCN as a music meet up group due to the insanely cool looking guitar logo (as shown). It was probably a month or so later when I realized its value in the technology community. During the meeting someone commented that they often had to explain to people that it had nothing to do with a bar, which I found funny but could sympathize with. The truth is that most Nashvillians, who would be interested in attending a “barcamp,” don’t know what it is.

So, what is a barcamp and why would you want to attend one in Nashville?

It’s a group of people who come together for workshops, discussions, and Networking on the basis of a few common subjects — more often than not — having to do with technology. They have speakers for the event but those who lead the discussion aren’t on a ticket that is intended to draw a crowd the way you would with a traditional conference. The topics for discussion are determined completely by those who sign up to attend and anyone can suggest an idea or volunteer to speak. [A wiki page will be set up for this purpose soon] It’s also worth mentioning that the entire event is free and open to the public via dedicated organizers (or non-organizers?) donating time or local businesses dedicating resources in return for sponsorship. The idea is very similar to an open-source version of a conference.

Most of what the Nashville barcamp group talked about last week was about the basic logistics: who, what, when, where, etc. and a little bit of pre-planning that was intended to spread the word about Barcamp Nashville 2. I threw my name into the hat to offer content and will likely update the blog with progress as it happens. Increasingly journalists are being submerged into technology and I think events like this are great in this new world of bloggers scooping big media. [NOTE: That was NOT a slight against anyone in the area who is employed by big media! –  Journalist = Friend]

Give me a shout if you’d like to help out. We’ll be brainstorming all next week.


One Response to Normal Life Restored > Barcamp Nashville 2

  1. Digidave says:

    BarCamps are awesome!!!

    I remember the first barcamp I went to. It was totally new to me, but I had a blast.

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