Moving pains: Mobile blog posting

My appreciation of readily available Internet access from home has doubled, then multiplied by 1,000 since the process of moving to a new apartment began roughly two weeks ago. The Comcast guy is scheduled to arrive today or Saturday, but I couldn’t wait to start blogging again…

Fortunately, there are several mobile-based alternatives to hold me over until I’m part of the collective again (aka the Internet). Since I am on an iPhone and just started this WordPress Blog, I thought it only fitting that I test out the native app via apple’s app store.

Simple but lacking

The simplicity of using the WordPress app is expected since this is apple and you don’t necessarily need a whole lot when you’re writing blog posts. I’ll admit up front that I do not know the limitations that apple has imposed on applications, but I’ll try to run down the list of things I’d like to see improved…

The biggest problem I have with the blog editor is it’s inability to shift from the vertical view to a more comfortable horizontal view. When I sit down to write a post, I want to let the words flow like water from my finger tips. It’s mighty hard to acomplish this with only one thumb.

The other big issue I have is editing in HTML. I have to both praise and complain about this ability. While stylizing words in bold or italics is easy enough, adding a hyperlink would be damn near impossible. The thought of having to type in a monsterous URL from memory alone kills my urge to post at all. However, I don’t have an answer for how to fix this so i’m sure I’ll eventually adapt to the process by finding ways around it.

The last thing I’ll bother mentioning is the lack of automated error features. (My thumbs are clunky so I foresee lots of those happening, probably even in this very post). By the same token, the wordpress edit screen is the perfect place to fix such errors after the fact. So, start getting better at self editing, which is never a bad thing.

But, for what it’s worth this app is solid and worthy of the WordPress brand.

More alternatives to follow…

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